CSPD on the cloud @KhaoYai

CSPD on the cloud @KhaoYai


22 Nov. 2020 at Pakchong, KhaoYai

End of the year with a cycling trip at Nakhon Ratchasima (Khao Yai, Pak Chong side).

Start from Chateau De Khao Yai and ride a long way to 22°c's cafe at Wang Nam Khiao. Enjoy entertainment with the VIP hill not steep level for friends with slow pace. The total distance is about 100 kilometers and recommended gear is 11.

Activity details;

06:40 am : Start riding from Chateau De Khao Yai
08:00 am : Admire the view of Ban San Kamphaeng Reservoir.
08:20 am : 30 minutes coffee break at 22°C Cafe before returning to the accommodation.
10:00 am : Playing pool.

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