CSPD : Concept Speed Peach's Design
CONCEPT SPEED was incepted from the devotion and passion of Peach Sukontarath.
He lives by a very simple philosophy:
life = cycling = happiness = speed = cycling = happiness = life.
Back in 2015, hi-end, high quality cycling apparels were virtually non-existent in Thailand.
Only very few Thai cyclists have the opportunity to know what it’s like to use high quality, well-fitted apparels.
With his life savings of a mere 50,000 Baht (1,500 USD),
Peach started sourcing these apparels from all over the globes and making more accessible to the Thai market.
However, simply importing and selling these bibs and jerseys is not in his nature.
Peach is the kind of person who loves to dig deeper into the inner workings of things, constantly yearning for improvements and is willing to experiment.
He started noticing and scrutinizing the products he was working with and see how it is so different to the generic products out there in the market.
Peach values the fine details such as the cutting, pattern and fabrics’ technology in these products and recognizes that there are things that he thinks can be significantly improved.
It is because of these passions and attention details, Peach diligently started to develop products that he believes will make life much better for all the cyclists of the world.
Two years later, Peach decided to put Concept Speed onto the map.
He launched the Concept Speed’s very first product and the first store in Ramkamhaeng, Bangkok, Thailand.
With Peach’s vision and experience, Concept Speed differentiated itself by reinventing the sizing of jerseys and bibs allowing for a unisex fit.
The concept made it more difficult for the designer but with a customer-oriented mind,
Peach believed that it would bring the customer’s ownership experience to a whole new level.
Not only would it allow the customers to be able to look fast, feel unique and attract the right kind of attentions, it allows the customers to easily share those experience to fellow cyclists of the world.
Thus, Concept Speed has always been proud to offer 5XS-3XL sizing.
A long journey that started from a small shop in Bangkok has led CONCEPT SPEED to become a global brand that inspires the global cyclists community.
Racing, commuting, climbing or sprinting – it’s all about the people, community and the experiences.
Bikes are meant to be fun, we don’t take it too seriously.
Concept Speed is “Devoted to Speed, Stay True to cycling and having a good time on the bike.
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