1980s Collection

” CSPD 1980s “

When mountain plastic wastes are no longer just in an apocalyptic movies.

In collaboration with one of the prominent conservation organization, in an effort to save our beloved planet. We at CONCEPT SPEED have utilized fabrics made from recycled plastic and sea waste. With our hearts and minds in the righteous cause, yet we would never sacrifice the quality of our products. Hence our motto “Devoted to speed” is always being pushed forward and applied.

The “Recycled Yarn” is manufactured 100% from ITALY. With the equivalence of 947 plastic bottles per one jersey and still manages to weight only 105 g. per one square meter of fabric. Our “Recycled Fabric” still retains all flexibility and breathability just like the conventional fabrics.

Density  : 861 cm2

Elasticity : Width – 125%, Length – 105%

Therefore we promise to bring this line of product to you as soon as we possibly could. We will be dropping both of our “CSPD 1980s jersey” and “CSPD 1980 skin suit” this coming July. And don’t miss the drop!


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